Sawyer choreographs six new videos for BLAKE SHELTON’s TEXOMA SHORES album

Sawyer worked with Director Adam Rothlein and Tiny Terror Productions to conceive and choreograph six videos for Shelton's latest album TEXOMA SHORE. Illustrating the concept that Shelton's music is timeless, each song is set in a different decade from the 20's through today - with costumes and minimalist art direction to match. Dancers Tyne Steckliein and Struther White contributed wonderful performances while rocking multiple wig and wardrobe changes.

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China Goes Pop sells out at 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

CHINA GOES POP made it's international debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2017- The show consistently sold out at the Assembly Hall, one of the festival's largest venues. The show is a joint production of Chinese and American Broadway producers. An international tour is planned for 2018.

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